ASU Graduation

What a busy couple of days! My family came to town to celebrate my graduation and we all had a blast together. Wednesday was extremely hectic… Barrett, the Honors College had an open house/breakfast for all the graduates and families at 10:30am, then I had the Barrett graduation at 3pm and then my Teachers College graduation at 7:30pm. Phew!


Barrett’s ceremony was retrospective and heartwarming. Dean Mark Jacobs praised our graduating class for being the largest in Barrett’s history and noted many of our significant accomplishments as well. As he bragged about Barrett I remembered seeing him for the first time at a recruitment dinner during my senior year of high school. He had the same excitement in his voice talking about the state of the art student housing and facilities, the amazing professors, and unique class offerings for honor students. His passion and determination to make Barrett one of the premier colleges in the nation was one of the reasons I chose to attend ASU. Seeing him so proud at graduation filled ME with pride for being part of such an amazing institution.


After his speech, Craig and Barbara Barrett both addressed our class with inspirational messages and then awarding of medals and name announcing began! They organized us by college according to the most graduates. Business was first, Education was second to last… needless to say, I had to wait a while. It was an exhilarating moment hearing my name being called and then walking across the stage to shake hands with Dean Jacobs.

After it was all over it was time to take tons of pictures! I’ll spare you and just show you one.


After all the pictures I headed to Mill to meet up with some of the girls from my cohort. We walked back to the arena for my second ceremony of the day!


This ceremony was sweet as well. My favorite part was seeing Mary Lou and Ira Fulton together on stage. It got even better when Ira went to the podium to talk about the importance of the education field and his love for Mary Lou. They are beyond adorable! After that it was time to walk the stage again. Wahoo!


After that… MORE PICTURES!


Then after THAT… off to Casey’s for some celebratory drinks!





I DID IT!!!!


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