Research Day

Today Chris and I spent quite a while at Barnes & Noble catching up on some reading. It’s so nice to actually have the time to read a book! Yay! While we were there I thought I’d check out the travel section and do some research on New Zealand. Although I have been there before, I was only twelve years old and had to follow the itinerary of our group. A majority of this trip was spent in Australia (roughly 2 weeks) and we were only in New Zealand about 3 days. Now I get a whole year to do everything!!! Plus this time Chris and I get to choose what we want to do!


As you can see, I was quite successful in my search. I went through EACH book. Really, I did. My personal favorite was the Eyewitness Travel version which started at the beginning with the settlement by Polynesians, the first Europeans led by Abel Tasman, and eventually the mapping by James Cook. It continued on through the years with a descriptive history. The book also broke down NZ in to sections which highlighted the best attractions of the region along with amazing photographs and maps detailing the area. Each city has incredible things to do!

Let me give you some examples:

In Rotorua you can…

Go “Zorbing”


Visit Whakarewarewa Village and see a traditional Maori Performance (I’ve done this! AMAZING! Will do again!)


In Waitomo you can…

Go cave abseiling (rappelling)


Or Black Water Rafting in Glowworm Caves


In Matamata you can…. (Get ready for it!)

Visit Hobbiton (the set of LOTR The Shire)


and close by in Tongariro National Park you can visit Mt. Ruapehu, the inspiration for Mount Doom


Now these were just some examples of the amazing attractions on the North Island where we will be living. I still can’t believe we are actually moving to a place this beautiful with so many spectacular places to visit!


One thought on “Research Day

  1. Coffee and travel books, a great combo! Can’t really go wrong with anything you do in NZ, so much beauty everywhere!

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