Packing (Round Two)

Chris’ parents have graciously given up a lot of their time to help us whenever we move. This time is no different. They planned on stopping by to help us pack, but when I got home from work Chris had taken it upon himself to start. When I walked in it looked like this…



I was amazed that he had already packed up our whole bookshelf and entertainment center/electronics stuff. (The full bins on the left.) Of course everything else strewn everywhere was mine and I had to make the final decision of whether to pack it, take it, or throw it away… something I am very bad at. (This trait comes from my mother.) Thankfully it wasn’t too difficult as most of it was school/teaching related and therefore useful in the future. Chris and I don’t live in a very big apartment but somehow we have so much stuff. It was even more apparent when it was all laying on the floor.

ImageHere I am packing away pictures and framed things… Nice and safe in the treasure chest (protected by blankets, primarily a Spurs one)

ImageHere is Chris being annoyed that I am taking pictures instead of actually packing…

One more awesome thing Chris found was a package of Compression Bags (vacuum bags) from Samsonite used to suck all the air out of whatever you are packing. We did a test with our beloved memory foam pillows and it worked like a charm. We will definitely be taking them with us and highly recommend the bags.


They went from about 10 inches tall stacked on top of each other to about 3 inches tall using a vacuum attachment. And we still have 11 more bags to use! Wahoo!

One last thing to share are these amazing bag tags Chris received from a friend a couple of years ago that were found as we packed.


How fitting.


One thought on “Packing (Round Two)

  1. Aren’t vacuum bags completely amazing? We have some here with us over in NZ and they have helped with our packing so much!! Even when we don’t have a vacuum to hand just sitting on them does a pretty good job too! Good luck with the move 🙂

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