Bon Voyage!

The past three weeks have been full of family, friends and fun! I spent about a week in San Antonio visiting my wonderful family, getting used to humidity again, and eating a years worth of Mexican food. It was hard to say goodbye but they were all so supportive and I know we’ll Skype a lot!  It was also very beautiful and green which got me very excited for our move. While I was gone Chris and his parents moved everything out of our apartment.. I lucked out big time.

I came back to Arizona and dried up quickly with the 109 degree temperatures. Chris and I spent a lot time with his parents doing fun things like rock climbing, ice skating and eating delicious food. Currently we are doing our last of the packing and weighing our suitcases… Just under the 50 pound weight limit!

We also finalized our living arrangements in Hamilton! Welcome to our humble abode in the suburb of Hillcrest, less than a mile from the University….


We arrive in Auckland Friday morning at 6am, then take a bus to Hamilton. The next time I write we will be in our new home! Until then!


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