Around Town: The University of Waikato

ImageA ten minute walk from our house, The University of Waikato covers roughly 160 acres of prime real estate in east Hamilton.


The school was established in 1964 and it is apparent through the stylized architecture, much of which reminds me of ASU. Recently however, there has been an increase in new buildings such as the modern Student Centre, (which houses the Library, Bookstore, Student Administration, and Computer Lab) along with the contemporary Village Green which contains shops, student dining, and overlooks one of three artificial lakes. The combination of old and new gives it a comfortable feel which Chris enjoys. Plus knowing just 12,000 students attend already makes it  more hospitable than the 60,000 students of ASU.


The first five-star sustainability rated building in the Waikato region!


Village Green & lake

The campus is greatly enhanced through its use of natural greenery and varied plant life. On the east side of campus resides the Fernery, a collection of ferns from throughout New Zealand planted along a quaint walking path. Coming from Arizona it is truly breathtaking how green a place can be! There are also many plants I had never seen before including trees.

ImageAnother excellent part of campus is the Recreation Center which is open to the community and is where Chris and I already have gym memberships. It is a comprehensive facility with basketball, badminton, and squash courts, endless pools, all types of fitness classes and every machine you could want.. even rowers! When we walked around our neighborhood and visited campus we ended up walking about 6 miles. It’s an interesting feeling knowing that you can get everywhere you need to just by walking. That being said, we are investing in some bikes because our feet are getting tired.


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