Catching Up

During these past two weeks quite a lot has happened! I will present them in order of which they occurred…

Firstly, we acquired bikes. (Bought from The Warehouse, closest thing to Walmart/Target)


Second, we found two spiders in our house. (Chris killed them both because their legs totally freaked me out.. this one is even missing two.)


Then we found some good things at/near the grocery store…


We met some NEIGHbors.


Chris bought a 10 pound bag of protein powder online. (Hard to find here at a decent price.)


We ordered pizza from HELL. ( A popular pizza place with delicious, specialty flavors and ingredients.)


I celebrated my 22nd birthday! (My family got together at Taco Cabana and we Skyped while they ate. They even got a chocolate cake with a candle and I “blew it out” after they sang to me. I love you guys!) I celebrated with my own cake, a Lamington with creme.


To really celebrate my birthday Chris and I went to downtown Hamilton yesterday (Saturday) to take a look around, eat, and visit some new places! More to come!


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