Hamilton Night Market


Every Saturday night over 100 vendors set up their makeshift kitchens or wares in the car park of KMART on Bryce Street. Stalls of all kinds fill the space with art, bright lights, jewelry, clothes, music, and of course the smell of delicious food! It runs 5-11pm rain or shine, as the car park is covered. Now that Chris and I have been two weekends in a row and have sampled some of the best food in town, it is sure to be a regular place for us.

I’ll start off with the non-edibles…

You can get your hair cut, buy some knock-off hats (I found the Spurs), grab a mix cd by DJ MBR, collect a piece of art- painted or metal! Mr. Wire sits at his station and creates these incredible sculptures and you can watch. Not pictured is a fruit stand, a stand that sells artisan soaps, a stand that questionably only sells socks (?), a whole stand of NBA jerseys (which they call Singlets), a jewelry station with Maori carved bone pieces, a few tables with fake Beats headphones and other electronics, and the cute old ladies with their homemade scarves and hats.

ImageNext is the food, which is the obvious highlight for me.


There are vendors selling pretty much anything you could want: Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Greek, Colombian, German, Filipino, Indian, French, Malaysian, and Korean. Then there are some that just sell Churros, which always have the longest lines. During the two times we went we sampled dumplings, lamb kabobs, crepes, and Chinese burgers and drank milk tea boba- all so delectable!


ImageSomething I really admire about these cooks is their patience and care when creating these meals. It’s the complete opposite of going to a fast food place where the people working have nothing invested in the “food” they are preparing for you. At the night market, these cooks want you to enjoy the food they have created and you can tell by the taste. Hopefully I will have the chance to try at least one thing from every vendor because I am sure I won’t be disappointed!

There are some more fun, novelty food items there to be seen as well, mostly served on sticks. A whole potato cut into a spiral then put on a stick and deep fried, what’s not to love? And the most giant cotton candy on a stick I have ever seen.

ImageIf you are ever in Hamilton on a Saturday night, you better not miss this! Bon appétit!



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