Hamilton Gardens in Spring

Chris and I decided to visit Hamilton Gardens again due to the amazing Spring time weather! We also did not see everything the first time in winter (like the rose garden) because we were told most of it would be dead. Now that it is Spring the average is around 67 degrees, which to my surprise, I have acclimated to and am able to wear shorts and a t-shirt. If we were still in Arizona I would probably be bundled up! So with all this amazing weather there comes the most beautiful plants and flowers…

First we went to our favorite spots, this is the Indian Char Bagh Garden.


Then off to the Chinese Scholar’s Garden.


We continued through the Renaissance Garden and found a cute cat.


Then we found the rose garden which was in full bloom!



Once we walked through the whole open field garden we found a playground tucked behind it. Of course we tried it out.


We continued to walk through to the center of the garden where there is a large expanse of grass, perfect for picnics, with the most gigantic tree.


The grass is so soft and the most beautiful shade of green. We decided to try our cartwheels and handstands in this awesome spot.



A gorgeous day to visit the gardens!


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