More Adventures Abroad To Come! Taiwan

Before Chris’ summer holidays began in November he had the idea to keep studying during the break… which he usually does every year with summer school. This year however, he had more options due to timing and our location. He researched many Chinese language programs near and far and found one that interested him located in Taiwan. He brought up the idea to me and I was immediately intrigued with the idea of more traveling. He applied and was accepted quite quickly and I was very happy for him. As the idea starting morphing in to a possible reality I thought.. If he will be in classes every week day, what would I do? Chris suggested that I think about taking classes too, as they offer completely beginner courses. I mulled it over for a couple weeks and it became more and more interesting to me. The last time I took a foreign language class was in high school! And it was Spanish, most of which I could understand growing up with my Mom, Abuela and Abuelo (and from Texas in general). I thought it would be a great challenge for me to take on next, so I applied and was accepted! So, we will be attending the Chinese Language Center at National Chengchi University in Taipei. Classes begin December 1st!


Our landlord has graciously offered to keep our place for us without payment so we will not have to pack up everything. I am so thankful, otherwise this trip would be much more stressful. Knowing that we will have a place to come back to is very reassuring. And speaking of housing, in Taipei we will be living in the International Student Housing with other students from around the world. I’m excited to meet new people and share our experiences together. Weird for me to say but it will be just like the college years! ha

I have given my notice at LIC and will be finishing up next Thursday the 28th. We fly from Auckland on the 29th on an overnight flight to Taipei. We can’t wait!


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