Around Wenshan, Taipei

We are living in Wenshan, a suburb of Taipei, about 15 minutes away from the city center. Since arriving we have walked all around to familiarize ourselves with our new neighborhood and the university. The Chinese Language Center building, where we will be taking classes, is located on the ‘upper section’ of the National Cheng Chi University (NCCU) campus (thusly named because the campus is spread out on a small mountain). From the top of this mountain you can look down and see the city and Taipei 101 (formerly the tallest building in the world before the Burj Khalifa). A beautiful view!

ImageThe International House where we are living is next to a very cute elementary school which you walk by to get to NCCU campus. 

ImageThese pictures were taken on Sunday. We found many people enjoying outdoor leisure activities such as playing baseball, tennis, painting, biking, jogging, tai chi, and we even saw two women practicing tap dancing. The weather was absolutely perfect as well, around 68 degrees and sunny on December 1st. Many people here are wearing puffy jackets and scarves as this is pretty close to the typical winter weather.

ImageHere is the local police station with the Maokong gondolas in the distance, the Auspicious Dental Clinic, a delicious bakery, a stationary store with a wall of pens, and a crepe stand with some fellow international students.


One thing I didn’t get a picture of are the buses that run through town which are a bright bubble gum pink with lacy window coverings. Some buses have advertising for new movies though, we did see a Hobbit one! Also there are posters for movies around like this one for Catching Fire. Walking through the streets you can get a close look at the way building are made, with tiles as the outermost layer. It seems strange to me but a majority of the buildings are like this which I think makes everything looks older than it probably is… The humidity allows for mosses to flourish and darken grout between tiles leaving them dirty. Also people have their own security glass fence. Last but not least, there is a small Lego shop right down the street. We fit right in!

ImageiHouse Cafe adjoins to the lobby of the iHouse and has delicious food with an eclectic atmosphere. I had a good old Caesar Salad and Chris had Thai noodle soup and milk tea for a total of 320 NTD, roughly $11 USD. That is the most expensive meal we have had here, too! 

ImageOh and here is what the money looks like.

ImageNext post I will share the campus and our first day of class!


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