Exploring National Taiwan University and Daan District

Chris was introduced to a friend of a friend that attends National Taiwan University (NTU) so we decided to meet up with her to explore a little more of the city. NTU is about 15 minutes away by car, but the most used transportation here by far is the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) or rail system. We wanted to give it a try and walked to the nearest station located at the Taipei Zoo and Maokong Gondolas. On our way to the station we got a nice view of the intrances.

ImageThe first thing that came to mind after seeing the tracks raised high about 40 feet off the ground was the Disney monorail. We walked in to the deserted station and quickly figured out how to get a ride.


ImageYour fare depends on how far you go. At the kiosk we figured we were traveling 7 stops which came out to 25元 each, $1 USD. After paying, the machine drops your “ticket” which looks like a poker chip. You then proceed to the gates where you wave your token (which has a microchip inside) over a strip and the doors open for you to walk on to the platform and wait for the train.

ImageAt 12 in the afternoon it was quite an enjoyable ride with only a few other people in our car. Also it was definitely one of the cleanest, nicest looking public transportations I have been on. Our 7 stop journey only took about 10 minutes and we had reached the NTU stop! When we got off we had to pass through another set of gates where you drop your chip, in order to be let out.

ImageOnce we were outside the station we waited to meet up with our friend, Yvonne, who showed up soon after. As it was lunch time she recommended a place she enjoyed and off we went. Kapok Cafe is a vegetarian cafe and bakery with lots of goodies in glass cases to choose from and a pretty wide menu offering of pastas, salads and soups. Something interesting here in Taiwan is that most places serve warm water, warmer than room temperature, since it’s supposedly better for you. We ended up ordering Seafood pasta, Pumpkin & Mushroom pasta, and a baked risotto. The restaurant was also nicely decorated with a Christmas theme.

ImageWe left very full and satisfied on to the next stop. Yvonne wanted to show us around her campus and we were happy to check it out. The NTU campus is quite a bit larger than Cheng Chi and definitely a lot larger than Waikato!

ImageShe then wanted to show us the major shopping and eating streets in town. We finally got to visit some clothing, shoe, and accessory stores full of fun/funny merchandise. Lots of cute watches and jewelry, clear rain boots (which Yvonne explained are very “in” right now because you can just change your socks and voila! a new pattern), and a sweatshirt with who knows what written on it.. “L le Reroy -Arfgikfui…” Also the mustache trend has caught on here, it is a VERY popular pattern. I did end up buying a scarf because it has been getting a little colder now that the sun hasn’t come out in a week or so.


We also passed by Gold Cheese a fancy looking eatery, and stopped at the most famous bubble milk tea place in the district. We ordered warm bubble milk, “bubbles” being tapioca pearls soaked in tea usually, except the ones served here are marinated in a brown sugar mixture making the drink extremely sweet.

ImageAfter this we said goodbye to Yvonne and made our way back to the MRT station to head back home.

ImageWhat an excellent day out exploring!

PS: School is going very well. Chris and I both received A’s on our first big tests. I now know about 150 words in Chinese! I can introduce myself and say basic sentences about things I like or that I want. Now when I over hear people talking in Chinese I can catch a few words and phrases I understand.

PPS: With Christmas around the corner someone has asked how to get a present to us, so we decided to put up a PayPal button in the right-hand sidebar. It’s under the title “Support Elizabeth & Chris” with a “Donate” button underneath. Here you can gift us some money that goes directly to our bank account. It is a very secure site used in many large online retail stores, you just have to make an account.

Thanks again for visiting the blog! Hope you are enjoying our travels!


2 thoughts on “Exploring National Taiwan University and Daan District

  1. We are so glad you are having a memorable time. Taiwan sounds like a great place even if you don’t speak Chinese. David spent the night so we all read your blog a few minutes ago. We have already sent money to both of your parents to put in your bank accounts. I was not able to find the PayPal site on this blog today though.
    Here is hoping the next ten days before Christmas are merry and bright for you both.
    Congrats on learning so much already. You both make us real proud. Love, Grandma

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