Japan: Tokyo SkyTree & Disney Resort (Part 2)

The Oshiage subway stop led us right to Tokyo SkyTree Town! Located here is a mall of sorts with different attractions. In the center is the SkyTree itself, on different floors of the adjacent building are also an aquarium, a planetarium, shops, and restaurants! We took a look around and were shocked by how many fun attractions there were in this one place! We were decided on the SkyTree and walked right to the base of the observation tower to buy a ticket to the top. Along the way we also spotted a small, outdoor ice skating rink!

ImageTokyo SkyTree

The Tokyo SkyTree is a broadcasting, restaurant, and observation tower. At the height of 634 meters it is the tallest “tower” in the world! (“Tower” meaning not used for living or office work.) It is also the second largest structure in the world after the Burj Khalifa. The line to buy tickets was quite long, in total we waited about 45 minutes. You are given a choice if you’d like to go to the observation deck at 350m or the one at 450m for an extra cost. We decided with 350m.

ImageAfter getting our ticket we were able to get right on an elevator 350 meters up to the observation tower. This floor can hold up to 2,000 people on a busy day. Lucky for us it wasn’t that crowded. On the right is a shadow of the tower on the ground below!

ImageFrom 350m you can see all of Tokyo and far in to the distance. Unfortunately it was quite cloudy so we couldn’t see Mt. Fuji. In the top right photo you can see a helicopter in the sky, quite tiny, and directly under it is the Disney Resort. To the right a bit is the Tower of Terror-esque ride and the huge volcano of DisneySea! The bottom left photo is a picture looking down through the glass floor of the SkyTree to the road beneath. Scary!


After we walked around the whole deck we headed back down to the ground to check out the shops. First was the SkyTree Gift Shop. I was happy to find that they are capitalizing on the tower shaped water bottles just like Taipei101! And liquor bottles as well.


We then headed out in to the more mall type area with a lot of shops. Our favorite was this toy/novelty shop. We found a lot of anime memorabilia and Chris picked up a keychain of one of his favorite characters, Luffy from One Piece, hanging on the SkyTree. There were all sorts of interesting things to look and laugh at, especially this advertisement for something we could not figure out (bottom, right).


After enjoying the shops we headed down the escalator towards the food court area. Here were many kiosks and shops set up selling all sorts of delicious looking goodies. Lots of packaged fruits, artisan cookies, fresh fish, and bakeries like “Kobe Croquette.” Upon exiting the building you walk by an enormous map showing the world’s largest towers and their heights.


On the bottom floor of SkyTree Town are many buses and shuttles to take you all around the city. Here is where we boarded a shuttle straight to the Disney Resort where we would be staying the the remainder of our time in Tokyo!

ImageOur journey to the water’s edge, where Disney is located, took about 45 minutes and we were able to see more city life as the sun set. One of my favorite places we saw was “SHIDAX Please!” Don’t know what kind of place that is!


Tokyo Disneyland Resort

We were dropped off at the central entrance of Tokyo Disneyland where the buses and monorail shuttle visitors around the resort. From here we took the monorail to our accommodations at the Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel.


Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay Hotel

And what a beautiful hotel it is! Here is the reception area. We arrived about 6pm and checked in. To our surprise we were upgraded to a suite on the 9th floor! We figured it was because many of the rooms were empty as it was the “slow” season.


Here is our lovely room with an ocean view! Very spacious, separated bath & shower room, toilet with a bidet, a closet with robes and slippers, and lots of coffees and teas.


Back downstairs is the dining area. There are a few restaurants located here. The brightly colored section is part of the all day buffet area. Look at the child buffet area! Probably not very efficient, but it is cute! On this floor is also a bridal shop (there is a chapel outside), a jewelry store, a Disney gift shop, a convenience store and a pharmacy.


Here is the central hub for the hotel’s activities which include: Putt-putt golf, Swimming pool, Spa, Gym, and Table Tennis.

ImageLittle did we know that upstairs also held an ARCADE!

ImageAfter a few hours of looking around, grabbing some food and playing some games, we were more than ready to go to sleep! In the morning we awoke to a beautiful sunny day, perfect for visiting Tokyo Disneyland!


Part 3: Tokyo Disneyland!







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